Theming a DeckDeckGo presentation is quick and easy.

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To create the theme for your deck when you are using the DeckDeckGo starter kit, use the Ionic Color Generator to pick the colors of your choice.

Once done, copy the generated CSS variables and paste them into the src/css/variables.css file of your presentation.

Finally, edit the index.html and replace the color of the body background.

body { background: #3880ff; }

This background color is defined directly in the index.html file because it is the one which will be applied until your presentation is loaded

Custom styles

DeckDeckGo also offers various theming options which could be set using CSS variables and which are described in their respective slides' templates, see chapter concept to begin with.


If you think we missed or need further theming options, don't hesitate to open an issue and/or submit a PR, it would be my pleasure to add more theming flexibility and options.