Notes can be added to any slides. For such purpose, use the related slot notes to the particular slide you wish to comment.

Your notes are going to be automatically displayed in the remote control.

<deckgo-deck> <deckgo-slide-title> <h1 slot="title">My presentation title</h1> <div slot="notes">A note regarding this particular slide And another note on a new line about it too.</div> </deckgo-slide-title> </deckgo-deck>

Publishing Notes

If you are using the DeckDeckGo starter kit and wish to make your notes accessible to anyone, you will need to mark them with the attribute show.

<deckgo-deck> <deckgo-slide-title> <h1 slot="title">My presentation title</h1> <div slot="notes" show>A note displayed in the presentation within a modal accessible for anyone</div> </deckgo-slide-title> </deckgo-deck>


The remote control supports Markdown for your notes too.