There are two options to run and showcase your presentation:

You could either publish and showcase your deck online, which can then be accessed by the audience via navigating to its appropriate URL.

Or you could showcase your deck locally, by running it in your favorite web browser using the integrated dev server provided by the DeckDeckGo starter kit with the default access URL http://localhost:3000.


To run your presentation, execute the following command in a terminal (it builds/bundles your slides and listens to modifications):

npm run start

If you wish to develop your presentation without adding it to the list of available deck of the remote control, run the following command instead:

npm run start-no-remote

Furthermore, to serve your deck, both above commands are watching your presentation's source files for changes and will trigger a new build and reload in case of modifications

lite-server is use as the integrated dev server.


If you are looking to showcase your presentation from an online URL, have a look to the next chapter publishing before deploying your deck on your hosting solution.