Remote control

Cherry on the cake πŸ’πŸŽ‚ DeckDeckGo comes with a Progressive Web App to remote control your slides πŸ“±

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How does it work

The same Progressive Web App remote control could be used to control any presentations developed with DeckDeckGo.

If you are using the starter kit, out of the box, your presentation will signal itself as "controllable" and will therefore be "discoverable".

Once the presentation is linked to the remote control, the communication between these will happen through a real-time channel using WebRTC.

Give it a try

Better than a long description, the DeckDeckGo demo website implements a deck and receiver to let you interact with this application, just give it a try:

  1. Open the DeckDeckGo demo website πŸ‘‰
  2. Start the remote control PWA πŸ‘‰
  3. Have fun πŸŽ‰

Control your slides

Use the remote control to remotely take control of your presentation. It makes it easy to interact with the slides while you are focusing on your talk/audience.


  • Switch between slides and/or swipe your slides
  • Play and pause YouTube video
  • Draw over your slide deck
  • Highlight elements of your presentation


Have a look at this video where we demonstrate it!

And this one where we demonstrate how to use it!

Time tracker

The remote control lets you track your talk's time too. This application implements local notifications to inform you when your talk is about to finish or is finished.


The DeckDeckGo remote control timer