DeckDeckGo bundles your presentation as a Progressive Web App which then can be hosted on any Web Server or hosting solution.

Not sure what PWAs are? Check out Ionic's PWA Overview for more info.

Table of contents

SEO friendly

It is worth to notice that DeckDeckGo is, respectively your slides build with are, SEO friendly.

Therefore, you do not need to implement a complex server-side rendering (SSR) hosting solution.


Before your final build and most importantly before publishing your deck online, don't forget to edit the information about your presentation in the following files:

  1. Edit the meta tags in the <head/> of your src/index.html file

  2. Generate your icons and replace the respective files in the assets folder. I suggest using RealFaviconGenerator, which is a great tool for this purpose.

  3. Update the information in the manifest.json file

Production build

When you are ready for your talk or ready to publish your slides online, run the following command in a terminal to bundle your presentation for production:

npm run build

If you do not wish to remove your notes from your presentation, run the build command with the attributes --notes:

npm run build -- --notes

If you wish to run your presentation locally afterwards without rebuilding everything, you could run the following command to start only the dev server:

npm run dev