Getting started

DeckDeckGo provides a CLI and a starter kit.


DeckDeckGo requires a recent LTS version of NodeJS and npm. Make sure you've installed and/or updated Node before continuing.

Note that you will need to use NodeJS 10 or higher

Starting a new presentation

Run the following command in a terminal to create a new deck:

npm init deckdeckgo

After running init you will be provided with a prompt which asks you to set the base information for your new deck and choose if you'd rather like to edit it in HTML or markdown:

Cool, let's kick start a new DeckDeckGo presentation ? What's your project name (will be use to create a new folder)? (deckdeckgo) ? What's your presentation name (max. 45 characters, will be use for meta tags and manifest information)? (DeckDeckGo) ? What's your presentation about (its description)? (Create a lightweight presentation using Web Components 🚀) ? What's your name (will be use for the author meta information)? (David) ? What method do you want to use to edit your presentation? (Use arrow keys) ❯ HTML Markdown

Once your presentation is created, navigate to your new project's folder to start editing your slides and content for your talk 😉