Getting started

DeckDeckGo provides a CLI and a starter kit.


DeckDeckGo requires a recent LTS version of NodeJS and npm. Make sure you've installed and/or updated Node before continuing.

Note that you will need to use NodeJS 10 or higher

Starting a new presentation

Run the following command in a terminal to create a new deck:

npm init deckdeckgo

After running init you will be provided with a prompt which asks you to set the base information for your new deck:

Cool, let's kick start a new DeckDeckGo presentation ? What's your project name (will be use to create a new folder)? (deckdeckgo) ? What's your presentation name (max. 45 characters, will be use for meta tags and manifest information)? (DeckDeckGo) ? What's your presentation about (its description)? (Create a lightweight presentation using Web Components ๐Ÿš€) ? What's your name (will be use for the author meta information)? (David)

Once your presentation created, navigate to your new project's folder to start editing your slides and content for your talk ๐Ÿ˜‰