Extra Features

The DeckDeckGo deck exposes a couple of extra features which could be added to your presentation too if you don't already use the starter kit.

Table of contents

Toggle on/off the full screen mode

await deck.toggleFullScreen();

Print the presentation

await deck.print();


A util method to know if the current presentation is browsed on a mobile device or not.

await deck.isMobile(); // resolve a boolean

Init slide size

In case you would like to recalculate the slides' size (width and height)

await deck.initSlideSize();

Load background

If you would dynamically change the deck background element you could forward that changes to also slides using the following method:

await deck.loadBackground();

Lazy load all content

To load the content of each and every slides of the deck which would normally be lazy loaded when you would swipe through your slides.

await deck.lazyLoadAllContent();