A DeckDeckGo deck also contains an additional slot actions. In the starter kit, this slot is use to add a social share action for your presentation.

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The slot actions provided for the deck will be cloned into each slides of your presentation. Therefore this slot will follow the swiping.

Also worth to notice, this slot will be hidden when the presentation will be displayed full screen.


The following theming options will affect the slot actions if set on the deckgo-deck or any slides.

CSS4 variableDefaultNote
--slide-actions-top32pxTop value
--slide-actions-end32pxIn LTR, right value
--slide-actions-startIn LTR, left value


<deckgo-deck> <deckgo-slide-title> <h1 slot="title">My presentation title</h1> <p slot="content"> Hello World 🚀 </p> </deckgo-slide-title> <a href="#" onclick="share()" slot="actions" style="color: inherit;"><ion-icon name="share"></ion-icon></a> </deckgo-deck>