The Progressive Web App alternative for simple presentations

Create quickly simple PWA presentations using Templates. Interact with a remote control and live polls for your audience.

  • Progressive Web App
  • Predefined templates
  • Lazy loaded content
  • Free and open source

Get started now 🔥

$ npm init deckdeckgo

Dive deeper with the Getting Started chapter

  • Easy editing

    HTML, templates based, extra components and features, all you need to easily create, showcase and ship your presentation.

  • Slick and smooth

    Build for performance and to be SEO friendly, have a look to the Lighthouse score of the DeckDeckGo demo.

  • Modern

    Presentations are bundled and shipped as Progressive Web Apps and based on Web Components.

  • Interact

    Control you slides or track your talk's time using the DeckDeckGo remote control PWA.